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Lumière: The Art of Light will temporarily transform Trillium Park from March to April 2024. This free light exhibition allows visitors to explore the park and experience light installations developed by local artists. Utilizing innovation, light and discovery, Lumière offers the opportunity for local artists and creators to "illuminate" the park under the curatorial theme "CONNECTIONS".  


"CONNECTIONS" aims to explore the various ways in which light can create connections between people, the environment, and different aspects of our lives. The exhibition will feature light installations that showcase these connections through the categories below.​

Interactive Installations: Interactive light installations encourage visitors to actively engage and form connections. These exhibits can respond to visitors' movements, encouraging social interaction and fostering connections between individuals.​ ​

Nature and Light: Explore the connection between nature and light by showcasing the transformative power of light and its ability to enhance the beauty of the natural world.

Technology and Connectivity: Embrace the role of technology in connecting people by creating visually stunning displays that evoke a sense of interconnectedness in our modern, digital age.​

Emotional Connections: Explore the emotional connections and responses light can evoke, whether it's using vibrant colours, dynamic lighting patterns, or creating an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.



Call for Submission:   November 13 – December 18 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Award Date:                December 22​

Install:                          March 9 - 10

Lumière:                      March 12 - April 20, 2024​

Strike / Load Out:        April 21, 2021​

Lumière will run from dusk to 11:00 p.m. daily


  • Submissions will only be accepted from Ontario based applicants​
  • Submissions must clearly outline the how the light installation meets the curatorial theme​ "Connections" and which "Connections" Category has been chosen
  • Submissions must outline how the light installation design & functionality takes into account the potential impact of inclement weather including freezing temperatures, rain, snow and high winds​
  • Submissions must reflect how the use of light and design has been used to engage the public (sensory, physical engagement, etc.)
  • Submissions must show what the light installation will look like during the day vs. at night 
  • Submissions must include a maintenance plan that outlines how the applicant will maintain and repair the light installation within a 48hr period for the duration of the exhibition
  • Submissions must include a detailed budget breakdown
  • Submissions must include a materials list to ensure all materials are weather resistant and meant for outdoor use in cold and wet temperatures
  • Submission must include a mock up and/or render of the light installation. Mock Ups/renders must show the day time state and night time state
  • Light installations can run 24/7 or must be on a timer to run from 5pm to 11pm daily
  • Applicants must be able to install, maintain, strike and load out the light installation. Equipment and materials will not be provided onsite
  • Submissions should not exceed the maximum power needs of 15amps
  • Artist must take all safety precautions
  • All permitting, training and insurance must be secured by the artist(s)


  • Applicant CV and biographical statement
  • Submission - Concept and Design
  • Submission - Production and Maintenance Plan
  • Submission - Materials List and Technical Specifications
  • Submission - Mock Up or Render
  • Submission - Detailed Budget: an itemized, detailed line budget of all costs and contingencies that will be incurred​
  • Submission - Location



Submissions that do not adhere to these criteria will be disregarded.

Ontario Place reserves the right to engage artists outside of the submission process.

Ontario Place will in no way own the piece post-exhibition unless otherwise discussed with and mutually agreed upon by both parties. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.